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Service information

We have two services, product sales and service sector.

We will participate ISPO2019 Munich.

Product development

Wholesale and retail of shoes and related goods
We supply shoelaces in a domestic market for long years and have a good selection.
Especially for printed shoelaces, we can plan for client’s intention, make trial products, and manufacture final products, and we can carry out all these steps quickly.
It is necessary to design compactly within limited space on shoelaces when making printed shoelaces.
It is important to give some additional advices based on hearing from clients about purposes in order to make satisfying products.
YHT values good communications with clients to make perfect products.


Our Shoelaces Catalog

EC consulting

We help clients make an appeal to a market with web, blog and SNS.
We apply SEO and analyze the market to appeal information to the market effectively.
As a consulting service, we comprehensively give clients advices about EC sites design web-page, management and analysis.